BioSpectra to Present at Convention for Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPhI) North America


Richard Mutchler is the President at BioSpectra. Mr. Mutchler is responsible for the oversight of each of the operating entities that make up and support the BioSpectra family of businesses. Mr. Mutchler is responsible for the support of the Officers Team, Leadership Team and Senior Management Teams of the entities supporting BioSpectra.
Mr. Mutchler founded BioSpectra in 1994 and focuses on the expansion of manufacturing facilities, systems and teams that ensure cost effective, safe and traceable versions of life science materials to any company who strives for consistent and effective therapeutic effect of each dose of their medicines by using materials designed, manufactured and intended for use in drug manufacturing.

BioSpectra is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting and presenting at this year’s Convention for Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPhI) North America. The conference will be held May 16th-18th at the Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visitors are encouraged to explore BioSpectra literature, a virtual plant tour, and chat with us at Booth Number 2417. To schedule a formal meeting during the convention, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This year, BioSpectra’s President and Founder, Richard Mutchler will be presenting “Determining the Value of Re-Shoring Drug Ingredient Manufacturing” on Wednesday May 17th at 2:00 PM in Room 113C. The presentation will evaluate the impact to pharmaceutical safety, supply chain security and return on investment to shareholders.

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Determining the value of Re-Shoring Drug Ingredient Manufacturing


1. Knowing when to consider Re-Shoring drug ingredient manufacturing

  • Pros and cons of investing to improve your existing manufacturer
  • Pros and cons of qualifying a new manufacturer

2. Selecting the safest and most sustainable drug ingredient manufacturing source

  • Ensuring your decision actually improves your supply chain
  • The surprising financial impact of Re-Shoring your drug ingredient

3. Ensuring your supply chain decision is beneficial to end patients and shareholders

  • Clearly communicating Regulatory and Quality benefits
  • Quantifying short term and long term Return on Investment